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sup i make music and a bit of art i use fl11 right now. ive been in 3 orchestras a heavy metal band and an alternative rock band . i started composing when i was 10 on the piano and ive been in involved with orchestras since i was 12.

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Things in regaurds of me making music.....like anybody really cares. its been oh i dont know almost 4 years now wow but i am finally back for good. i have everything i need and everything is going well for me so i will actually have time to make music and start my comback. i will have an explosive ammount of content out. the only things i need to learn right now are some fine tuning things on fl studios ( specifically drums and mastering, these are easily my weak suit). hopefully with help i will get there, and when i do, nothing will hold me back ( well unless shit hits the fan again again). get ready because im going to get really good really quick, and if you dont believe me take a look at my stuff. it was all within the span of one year and only the last maybe 4 songs were actually done on flstudios without the demo version (except for like the second newest that one i did in like an hour with the demo).

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