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cool beans

not the best maddness ive seen but a lot better then a lot of peoples


i enjoyed the music more then the flash


making it longer with more awesome sticks beating the crap out of each other

nice tribute though i definately sensed the fact that it made me think shock

CaKeS1 responds:

Thanks, I was told it was a little TOO close to the original Shock, (didn't add anything new) :P

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i dont write a lot of game reviews but here it goes.
i find 2 flaws with this game.
the first is that its very vauge. not that its a bad thing just that being so vauge in the beginning makes it hard to get into. i spent 5 minutes on this and got bored..is there even a good ending??it feels like all you get to do is investigate and die..

the second problem is i feel iy should be more interactive. to many questions are answered with the computer not knowing what you said

one thing

i dont like about this game is if you enter a room with a chest and a monster attacks you before you can grab it then your treasure disappears

peoblems i found

you can still shoot while reloading the pistol meaning if you keep clicking like crazy you will lose half your clip and you wouldnt have shot anything with those bullets

you can also shoot the pistol without any reloading at all

the smg doesnt reload at all

when firing the smg and holding the trigger and move the gun it only seems to register in one spot you have to let go of the trigger in order to actually hit so the purpose of a smg is completely lost

you can also shoot while knifing but it wont really shoot anything just deplete ammo

you can also shoot through the walls i dont know if you want that or not

when you turn on the night vision it seems to make the game go a little slower
but it could just be my crummy cpu

it has a really nice feel and good graphics for what it is you just got a lot of bugs with the shooting

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hard for me to get a feel on this one. it was ok but the whole thing kinda felt like an incomplete sentence.

i liked this a lot. had good transitions and the instruments worked well together.

i liked a lot of the sounds but it felt really repetitive

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your teacher gave you an f for 1 of 3 reasons

1 being that its "inappropriate" for school

2 he is a huge perv and wanted to see more but it was cencored to much

3 he is jelous that a girl your age can create anime as good as a professional

its probably the first reason. i personally think its amazing that a girl at your age dfrew this.....you did draw it ..right? if you did then congrats ill personally make sure that you get into anime......if thats your goal if you want to get into it....but if it isnt yours then i give your the EYE OF SHAME........shaaaaammeeee

please respond to my questions. im actually quite serious about this review

mashizu responds:

lol, the project was to take pics online and make a colage, so i used paint and photoshop to use it, tho u arnt the only one to try to give me the eye of shame xD some other person said i got it off google :P

sup i make music and a bit of art i use fl11 right now. ive been in 3 orchestras a heavy metal band and an alternative rock band . i started composing when i was 10 on the piano and ive been in involved with orchestras since i was 12.

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