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its sooo pretty

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Agitat0r responds:

Hi there. Thanks man!

mashizu's big fail mashizu's big fail

Rated 5 / 5 stars


your teacher gave you an f for 1 of 3 reasons

1 being that its "inappropriate" for school

2 he is a huge perv and wanted to see more but it was cencored to much

3 he is jelous that a girl your age can create anime as good as a professional

its probably the first reason. i personally think its amazing that a girl at your age dfrew did draw it ..right? if you did then congrats ill personally make sure that you get into anime......if thats your goal if you want to get into it....but if it isnt yours then i give your the EYE OF SHAME........shaaaaammeeee

please respond to my questions. im actually quite serious about this review

mashizu responds:

lol, the project was to take pics online and make a colage, so i used paint and photoshop to use it, tho u arnt the only one to try to give me the eye of shame xD some other person said i got it off google :P